Go to Pages > Add New > Create a Page Named Like Service 1 ( the name could be anything you like).

At the Right Side Under the Template, the drop-down Menu is for Choosing the Full Page Width.

You have to Choose the Template and publish it.

Appointment section: [hantus_appointment]
Feature section: [hantus_feature]
Newsletter section: [hantus_newsletter]
Funfact section: [hantus_funfact]
Portfolio section: [hantus_portfolio]
Pricing section: [hantus_pricing]
Service section: [hantus_service]
Team section: [hantus_team]
Testimonial section: [hantus_testimonial]
Blog section: [hantus_blog]
Custom section: [hantus_custom]
Sponsor section: [hantus_sponsor]
Product section: [hantus_product]
Welcome section: [hantus_welcome]
About section: [hantus_about]
About section: [hantus_gallery]

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